Saunasolmu Symposium a.k.a Pikkujoulut


Warning! Changes may happen.

General rules for compos

  • All productions must be unreleased or at least so heavily modified that we believe it's totally new and fresh production.
  • Do not violate any laws with your products.
  • Remote entries are welcome but prizes are not sent to anywhere. Be at the party to collect all fame and glory.
  • Take part in any compo and so many productions as you like.
  • Probably no preselections of productions will be made but who knows.
  • If your production will not work on compomachine - bring yours - or be disqualified.
  • You can test your product on compomachine during the event.
  • Entries must be delivered in a zip archive.
  • The results of compos will be released to public; including your nick, group and products name. Compo entries may be also published.
  • Disqualified entries and entries not shown will no be published or spread.
  • Resolution of our video projector will be FullHD (1920x1080). Other resolutions may not work. So be sure that your productions runs on FullHD.
  • Compo rules may be changed by organizers.
  • Remote entries

    Send your remote entries to Codise. Check details below. Deadline for remote entries is 7th of December at 21:00 (UTC+2).

    Add these information to your mail and send them to max.vilkki"at"

    Sorry the email address was wrong before and feel free to send your entries now.

  • Compo name
  • Your name / handle
  • Entry name
  • What to display on the slides before the entry? (tools, something else?)
  • Can we publish it on
  • Demo competition

  • Max running time on screen will be 8 minutes
  • No limitations, except compo machine specifications
  • Remote entries are welcome
  • Intro competition

  • Max running time on screen will be 8 minutes
  • Maximum uncompressed size is 65536 bytes (total of all files)
  • No other limitations, except compo machine specifications
  • Remote entries are welcome
  • Wild competition

  • Anything goes from live performances to videos
  • Videos must be playable by VLC media player (MP4 h.264 @ 1080p)
  • Graphics

  • Submit entry in PNG format with 4 working stages that we know it's not fake. If it's 3D thing then please submit a wireframe picture to prove us.
  • Photo competition

  • Submit your entry so we can beam it 1920x1080
  • Only fair and small changes on pictures is allowed.
  • No editing.
  • Music competition

  • Maximum playing time will be 4 minutes
  • Submit your entry in MP3 with bitrate of 192kbps at least.
  • Any style goes from chiptunes to classical.
  • Other compos

  • There will be a poker competition organized by Biini.
  • There might be music quiz organized by Biini.
  • There will be Pro Evolution Soccer competition organized by Duncan.
  • There will be Buzz competition organized by Duncan.
  • Your competition here? You can organize your own competition on party. Let us know and we advertise it.
  • Compomachine

    Compomachine will be

  • i7-7700K @ 4.2GHz
  • Asus GeForce GTX 1070 Strix OC, 8GB GDDR5
  • 32GB DDR4
  • Windows 10 64-bit