SaunaSolmu Summer 2019

18-21.7.2019 @ Lahti


Damones and Primitive are inviting you to the main demoscene event of the year.

Get ready to have a jolly good looonnng weekend with your friends. Enjoy the legendary Finnish summer with demoscene related twist. Meet your friends and see unseen state of the art demoscene productions. Better than the Bittikesäleiri (maybe). You will not feel alone here when you have these friendly mosquitos too.


Saunasolmu Summer 2019 is held on 18th to 21st of July at Luhtaanpirtti, Lahti (previously know as Nastola), Finland. For navigation you can use address: Kurssikeskuksentie 17, Nastola.



Remember to take your own sleeping bags, pillows and teddy bears.

Large parking space for your Ferrari's
Here's the main partyhall from outside view.
Partyplace from the inside. Main hall here.
Sleeping and spoonsleeping hall.
Our Masterchef will be working around here.
Here is the sauna next to lake Salajärvi.
Here's sauna from different point of view.
Here's the cooling down room of sauna.
Magic happens here. Knot yourself up.
Pier Path to cool down. Don't jump - it's shallow.


Looking for a comfort sleep?


Don't drink and drive. We might organise trip to the markets on friday and/or saturday. Depends on location of the moon.


Nearest grocery store is located at the center of Nastola 13 kilometers away from the party place.

For spirits and wine lovers are also served on Alko 13 kilometers away from the party place (open: Fri 9-21, Sat 9-18).

Nearest pizzeria is also located at the center of Nastola. We may do some group orderings from the partyplace.


There is a wood heated sauna (50 meters away from the partyplace) next to the lake Salajärvi where you can wash your sins away.

Jacuzzi will be ordered too if enough participants.

Saunas do not have showers but there’s a wood heated boiler so your sins can be washed away with a warm water too.

There is a traditional shower (just one) on the partyplace too (warm water may not be guaranteed for everyone).

There will be no ice at the lake this time of the year so now you may try to take off your winter furrrrs.... <3


There will be some affordable priced refreshments, food and snacks. And ofcourse you can bring your owns too.


Some dinners will be served for additional price at the partyplace. We will bring a grill and let you master your sausages. Microwaveoven is also available for your own tv-dinners.

COMPOS - Yes there is

We might have prizes also. At least you get fame & glory!

Demo competition

Intro competition

Wild competition


Photo competition

Music competition

Buzz competition organized by Duncan

Quiz wizards and besserwissers please apply.

Outdoor soccer competition organized by Duncan

Show duncan the ways of the leather balls. 3-on-3 teams. 10 minutes per round.

Your competition here?

You can organize your own competition on party. Let us know and we advertise it.


General rules for compos


Some small PA equipments with a 1080P projector (1920x1080) connected by hdmi to our compomachine.

Screen is bigger than my home tv. Does size matter anyway? It's more how you use it. Anyway you'll see the newest trends on the demoscene.

There will be the internet and at least an intranet available wired or wireless - choose your side.


We mostly entertain ourselves with beverages and sauna. We suggest you to follow our path.

Duncans Buzz compo will be held if he is not getting his beauty sleep at the time.

There will be the some traditional compos as well..

Maybe DJ sets also... Please contact us if you wish to play!

Saunaklonkku! (Check the video!)


If you are coming by a caravan car or a trailer and you need electricity. You may need to pay little extra money for the electricity. Sorry but the landlord made these rules. If no electricity need there is no need for extra fees.


There is lots of space for your tents. Feel free to set one up and have a great tent parties.


Tickets can be acquired from Eventbrite. Payment will be asked soon to cover the rent of the partyplace.

Feel free to invite yourself to the party if you are a demoscene lover, you are NOT a troublemaker and you wish to hangout with us. We <3 you this year too!


Join the guestlist!

Please see Eventbrite for tickets. Ticket prices can be found in the description along with the payment info at Eventbrite

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